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Thank you for visiting Air Combat Images, the photography website of Ali Hunt.

Specializing in military aviation photography supplying high quality, professional imagery.

I am a freelance aviation photographer. I first started photographing aircraft back in 1982 when I got to work on my then local base RAF Alconbury for a number of years. Just watching the jets (RF-4C's, F-5E's then later A-10A's and U-2's). My hobby has taken me to all over Europe, the USA & Japan, visiting places where the normal tourist wouldn't normally go.

I have built up a large collection of firstly Kodakchrome 64 slides and now of course high quality digital imagery.

Over the years I have had published photos in leading aviation periodicals including Combat Aircraft Monthly, AirForces Monthly, Aviation News, Aircraft Illustrated, Flypast, Scale Aircraft Modeling, Combat Report & Air Photographic International

All images on this website are the copyright of Ali Hunt and should not be reproduced in any form without my express permission.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site
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Albacete, Spain TLP 2017-1 21/02/17Albacete, Spain TLP 2016-1 25/01/16Albacete, Spain TLP 2015-4 30/11 & 01/12/2015Anatolian Eagle, Turkey 17-18/06/15Gifu, Japan 23/11/14Atsugi, Japan 21/11/14Hyakuri, Japan 19/11/14Iruma, Japan 18/11/14Akeno, Japan 17/11/14Ashiya, Japan 15th & 16th/11/14Tsuiki, Japan 14/11/14Kanoya, Japan 13/11/14Nyutabaru, Japan 12/11/14Iwakuni, Japan 10/11/14Tiger Meet Schleswig, Germany 19/06/14Monte de Marsan. France 12th June 2014Recce Meet 2014 Mont de Marsan France 10/04/14Albacete. Spain Oct 2013Fallon, USA Sept 2013Fresno, USA Sept 2013Lemoore, USA Sept 2013Coningsby, UK August 2013Wittmund, Germany June 2013Tiger Meet Orland, Norway June 2013Tiger Meet Orland, Norway June 2012Atsugi Japan 03/06/11Iruma Japan 26/5/11Nyutabaru, Japan 30/05/11Hyakuri Japan 23/05/11Orange, France June 2010Elite 2010 Lechfeld, Germany June 2010Cottesmore UK December 2010 (End of an era)